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  • Display Your Media Online to Potential Buyers for FREE
  • Improve Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction
  • Allow Buyers to Purchase Directly Online
  • Reduce Administration and Sales Costs
  • Manage Your Inventory Online
  • You still have Control over Sales and Production

For every type and size of media, there is a potential buyer. Reaching out to these buyers, and making your media visible to them is difficult and time consuming.

The Smorgads platform allows you to post your media online in real time, while giving you complete control. Finding buyers and getting the best value for your media just got a whole lot simpler.


The Smorgads platform is designed to best create revenue and reduce operating costs from your existing, and newly created, media properties.

With Smorgads, you are able to provide all the information that any buyer, regardless of experience, would need to become their own media agent (planning and buying agency). As a seller, you can also manage your available inventory through our inventory management tool, instead of using a complicated and antiquated pdf and multiple sales calls.

Turn existing or new media, into revenue

We designed the Smorgads platform to allow anyone to create a revenue stream from anything that can carry a message: from a napkin at a conference, to the billboard at a local sports arena. The Smorgads sales team is dedicated to finding a buyer for every medium, no matter how unique or niche it might be.

Make your media visible to the world

In traditional media buying and selling, the way agencies operate makes selling opportunities limited to their local (micro) geographic market. At Smorgads, we actively seek out potential buyers not based upon the geography of the media being sold, but the geography of the buyers’ needs and wants. For media sellers on Smorgads, this means that you have access to a borderless, (macro) global market, 24/7.