Simplified Pricing

No hidden fees

What you get for FREE!

Media Sellers

It is FREE to post listings. Smorgads charges a 10% commission* on the total purchase price, ONLY if your listing is sold.

Media Buyers

You will only have to pay a small deposit (in most cases, however some sellers require full payment up front), based on the value of the final bid or purchase price, to reserve the order. The remainder will be invoiced to you from the seller at a later date. Smorgads does NOT charge you any additional fees.

A note on Taxes

In some cases, the price displayed for the listings within the platform may not include taxes. It is the responsibility of the seller to collect and submit any taxes associated with operating their business as it relates to where they do business (no matter the jurisdiction). Smorgads is only responsible for paying any taxes associated with operating our business.

Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards in either $CAD or $USD. If paying with any other currency, we will convert your charges to $CAD and you may incur a conversion fee by your individual bank.


Smorgads charges the seller a 10% commission on Ad listing sales, unless negotiated differently. Corporate discounts may apply to Charities, Education Institutions, Startups, etc. Contact us to inquire further. Separate charges apply for any production, creative or design support if requested.