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Price (USD):
120 / Week


Media Type:
Point of sale signage
6.18" x 10.71"
ADVERTISING WITH PURPOSE The essence of U-Glove is its power to trigger positive brand perception. U-Glove places the message right into your consumer's hands and solves long-standing issues at the pump for advertisers, retailers and customers. We disrupt a very automatic routine in ways that help capture attention of consumers and extend the path-to-purchase into the store. With full-color glove dispenser ads, on-glove ads, U-Glove creates positive word-of-mouth and demonstrates that your brand wants to build more meaningful connections. A positive lifestyle medium that increases brand value, perception, and awareness, protecting the audience while delivering the message. High impact, targeted advertising for the on-the-go consumer. With high geo-targeting capabilities, U-GLOVE has expanded its footprint to offer coverage in any market, from local (any zip-code), to regional and national. 700 consumers per day, who live or work within a 3 mile radius, 3 to 5 minutes of exposure time at the pump, and an average visit frequency of 5 times per month. Minimum initial order is 4 weeks. Production costs ($0.95 to $3.60 per unit depending on volume) are NOT INCLUDED in the price. Discounts apply to flights longer than 4 weeks. Demographics for this location: Household Income by Zip is $36000.
Location of Media:
1625 S Volusia Ave, Orange City, FL 32763, USA
Trade Area:
Spring Lakes First
3 MI

Company/Business Location:
Miramar, Florida, United States

Media Prohibitions:
Tobacco, Adult Entertainment
Production Details:
Approved creative needed 15 days prior to posting. CMYK Format Min. 100 DPI final size Include bleed marks