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Price (CAD):
745.20 / Week

Media Type:
10.38 x 5.75
Established in 1871, the award-winning Wingham Advance Times is distributed weekly to subscribers throughout northern Huron and southern Bruce counties. Serving North Huron, Morris-Turnberry, Howick and South Bruce, including the communities of Wingham, Blyth, Belgrave, Teeswater, Belmore, Bluevale, Wroxeter, Gorrie, Fordwich and Whitechurch.
Location of Media:
366 Summit Dr, Wingham, ON N0G 2W0, Canada
Trade Area:
15 KM

Company/Business Location:
Listowel, Ontario, Canada

Media Prohibitions:
Ads that are not legal/appropriate in Ontario, Canada
Production Details:
Materials should be supplied as hi-res PDF files. Transfer Media: Material should be sent to FTP site, however material accepted on CDs or compressed in a zip format.