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Price (CAD):
386.10 / Month

Media Type:
Digital Screen
Advertise your small business, or post personal messages to co-workers and friends. The Captivate founders recognized the lengths people go to avoid eye contact and personal interaction during confined elevator rides and set out to develop a solution that would alleviate elevator awkwardness. Fast forward 20 years and Captivate is an industry-leading digital media company engaging 10+ million professionals with compelling content and useful information from the world’s leading media providers via 12,000 elevator and lobby screens in 1,800 premier office towers across North America.
Location of Media:
3 Robert Speck Pkwy, Mississauga, ON L4Z 2G5, Canada
Trade Area:
5 KM

Company/Business Location:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Media Prohibitions:
Family Friendly Only
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