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Price (CAD):
198 / Month


Media Type:
Digital Screen
1080px X 613px
THE POWER TO TELL YOUR STORY You have the power to inspire your audience, tell your story and be noticed. Addictive, interactive media in condominium elevators, lobbies, mail rooms and parking levels. Property-Specific Demographics: Number of units: 186 Number of tenants: 518 Number of visitors per month: 2790 Screen Location: 1 Lobby, 2 Parking Levels Listed monthly price is for a 12-month promotional package. A 3-month package costs $298/mth and a 6-month package costs $298/mth, which will be calculated/adjusted at the time of final invoicing by the seller. HST not included in the price. No charge for production on any of the regular packages. Non profit organisations receive 20% off regular prices. Prices are for 15 second spots.
Location of Media:
551 Maple Ave, Burlington, ON L7S 1M7, Canada
Trade Area:
.5 KM

Company/Business Location:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Media Prohibitions:
Production Details:
Video design worth $399 included in 6 and 12-month packages. Dimensions: 1080px X 613px Aspect Ratio: 16:9 File Type: MPG Resolution: Up to 1080P Length: 15 sec Frame Rate: 24 FPS max