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Price (USD):
650 / Month


Media Type:
9.5"w x 11"h
Your Ad purchase is delivered across all 37 campuses that we cover. A la carte advertisers hit 10,000 transfer-minded students each month at dozens of community college campuses in New York and nearby in New Jersey and New England. Get a 10% discount for multiple runs. Housatonic Community College is located in NE and we drop 400 copies in Sep/Dec/Mar/May.
Location of Media:
900 Lafayette Blvd, Bridgeport, CT 06604, USA
Trade Area:
50 MI

Company/Business Location:
Greenwich, New York, United States

Media Prohibitions:
No sex, tobacco or other ads not legal/appropriate for those under 21 in New York
Production Details:
Art due by the 24th of the preceding month, except August and December, where it's the 20th.