Buying Media

The most efficient way to plan & buy media

How we help

As a media buyer, you know that targeting is key to a successful marketing campaign with good ROI. You can now take control of media planning and buying, to create highly effective and efficient campaigns. You can search for, and buy any media that suits your business needs and budget, and is hyperlocal to where you need it.


The platform is intuitive to use and designed to proactively provide you with media solutions that fit your predefined and self-directed criteria. In a nutshell, Smorgads enables you to be your own media planning and buying agency.

Not only can you buy the media you need, you can also use our Blocking Chart tool to plan your campaign and keep track of it. Like an Excel Sheet on Steroids. Smorgads enables you to be your own media planning and buying agency.

Fits your budget

With Smorgads, you can take control of your budget, being able to search for opportunities by pricing, key markets, seasonality, etc. Our platform puts you in control of how and when you spend your marketing dollars.

Custom media alerts

The Smorgads platform gives you powerful alerts that you can customize to your needs and fit your media plan perfectly. You can be notified based on specifications like price, time of day, audience, location and other metrics. These alerts can help you take advantage of media properties that are recently listed, and you can quickly buy them, to edge out the competition.

Expand market reach

Many small and medium-sized businesses do not have the luxury of time or budget to hire out large media agencies to search out and buy their media for them. Smorgads allows you to literally search the world for media that you can consider, and buy, as you plan and execute business growth. You can do all of this simply and easily, bypassing the requirements for a large media agency.