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About our Team

Plan and Buy, Manage and Sell

At one end of the spectrum, we provide existing media owners a platform to quickly and easily manage their media inventories, and sell that media to motivated buyers. On the other, we are helping media buyers and marketers plan and manage their campaigns, through discovery and buying of hyperlocal, targeted, and novel media directly online.

For both, they can save time and money, accessing our global media platform 24/7, by giving them options beyond having to use a media or ad agency.

Our Story

Our Smorgads was started with a simple idea. That small businesses should have the same opportunities for advertising that larger businesses enjoy. In the early days we talked about disrupting how media is created, bought and sold. Then we stopped talking that way because we felt it was pretentious and something we could promise, but might never be able to fulfill.

But then we regained our faith in our technology, our people and, most importantly, our idea. So what are we about? We are changing how media is bought and sold. Read the Full Story

Meet the team

Nicholas Austin

Nicholas Austin (CEO)
As a strategic pragmatist, Nicholas excels at not only seeing the potential in something but also harnessing that potential (no matter how long the distance). With over twenty years in the advertising industry, he knows what does and doesn't work; these insights have shaped the Smorgads journey from that coffee shop to where the business is today.

Bryan Boulton

Bryan Boulton (Chief Technology Officer)
Bryan has been at the heart of taking Smorgads from an idea to reality. Apart from being a great mixture of 'in the clouds' technologist and 'in the weeds' coder, Bryan is also a firm, but fair taskmaster. He is a tireless leader who challenges the status quo at every stage not because it is the easy thing to do, but because it is the right thing to do.

Joe Krupa (Co-founder & VP Marketing)
After many years with the consumers insights group of a global beverage company, Joe is applying his complex mixture of left and right brain thinking to something he is passionate about. On the one hand he has set the design standard for the brand and site while also taking ownership of the marketing and social media strategy.

Garry Courville (Co-Founder)
Right from conception, Garry has been passionate about his 'baby'. With a long, successful career as an entrepreneur he knows the value in having the right people in the right roles to get things done. As Smorgads has moved from idea to implementation he has been instrumental, along with Joe, in getting the right people on the Smorgads team. For Garry, Smorgads is all about enabling people and small businesses to create wealth at the community level.